Friday, 14 January 2011

The Bank of Spending Cuts.

We made money... and fooled the Birmingham public.

The money looked quite believable and we enjoyed watching your expressions and recording your behaviour when you realised you'd been had. 

The idea was for our collaborative's message to stand out to the public and be remembered  - we want to make you aware of how the spending cuts will affect everyone.

This our first application in the Birmingham City Centre, the Christmas market was a particularly good setting for our project over November and December.

More pictures to follow.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Manifesto - What are we planning...

Manifesto – SEESAW
Our Government is a shambles.... Two parties vying for the top spot, both parties unable to go through with what they promised us.
Seesaw believes that we ‘the public’ can change the situation for the better, we just need some encouragement.
We want to show how the recent recession and spending cuts have affected the ‘Art Scene’ and the general public – looking at all walks of life. We want to raise awareness of both sides of the argument as a neutral collaborative group – giving just the facts of the money crisis and letting the public make up their own minds and opinions; hopefully in turn spurring the public into action, allowing them to speak out and for their views to be heard and acted on by our government.
We want to explore this through a variety of media; Installations, Performance pieces, Billboards and print info Graphics - we want to audience to walk away from our work with the motivation that they can make change, not just the government.  Our message will be witty and thought provoking with a serious underlying look into our current financial market – We will strive to make an impact, to make our campaign memorable.